Unicorn Poop Cookies

on July 11, 2015

My daughters 7th birthday was approaching and after the [Hulk Cake]() I made my son, I wanted to make sure my daughters birthday baking was equally awesome. My daughter had specified a [Unicorn cake]() for her birthday party but I also wanted to bake something awesome for her birthday night. I looked around on the internet and came across Unicorn Poop Cookies.

I made the cookies and

SIDE NOTE: I’ve made unicorn poop cookies a few times since and I have learned a few lessons.

  1. Rolling the cookie dough into long snakes and twisting the different colors together took hours. I now make the different colored doughs and use a piping bag to pipe them into shape significantly reducing the time to make them.

  2. I didn’t get the poop look I was looking for from the dough after baking, the cookies flattened out. I now use a shortbread cookie recipe.