Hulk Cake

on July 17, 2016

My son’s 5th birthday was coming up and I asked him what sort of cake he would like. He considered his options for a moment and then said “a chocolate Hulk cake”. I had no idea how I was going to make “a chocolate Hulk cake” but I knew that my cake making skills were not up to scratch…

I did what many aspiring cake makers do and hit Google and Youtube for several hours. I found a cake recipe that was close to my son’s chocolate cake specifications (he added further specifications). I then checked Google Images for Hulk Cakes and images of the Hulk to plan a cake that looked Hulk like and at the same time, wasn’t too far out of my skill level.

My cake making equipment was best described as non existent, so I figured the best way to start my professional level cake making career would be to buy professional grade cake making equipment and ingredients. I found a professional cake making supplier (Cakes Around Town) and proceeded to pick out about $200 worth of equipment and ingredients. Walking up to the cash register with my fancy professional equipment and ingredients, I felt confident. The lady at the cash register was less confident when I explained what I was trying to do and my experience levels. For whatever reason, I have never considered any task or skill outside of my abilities, I was confident I was going to pull off the most awesome chocolate Hulk Cake ever.

I started off by baking the cake recipe 3 times to make sure I got it correct. I was working with the awesome Vuid Team at the time and they volunteered to be test subjects for my cakes and I got good reviews.

SIDE NOTE: The recipe was a huge hit with children and adults so I have continued to use this cake recipe for every event where I needed to bake a cake. One of the reasons I like the recipe so much is because it freezes and defrosts really well and is super versatile. I often bake the cake (I do not add any icing) to give my children a sweet treat in their lunch boxes. I bake the cake using the standard recipe (but add a tin of black beans to sneak in some veges and crunchy texture) then cut it into small cubes (I get about 50) and freeze it. When I am packing their lunches, I put a frozen cube in their lunch box.

I then created standard chocolate butter cream icing and put a minimum 5mm layer of the butter cream icing all over the cake to make it uniform in size and remove imperfections. In hindsight I should have made vanilla butter create because if you get the fondant placement wrong, you do not have little bits of brown butter cream on it.

I then rolled out a large amount of green fondant as thin as I could roll it (approx 0.7mm thick), put the fondant over top of the butter cream and smoothed out any wrinkles.

I then rolled out a small amount of black fondant. I put the Hulk face stencil I created from a Hulk image I found on the internet over the fondant and used a hobby knife to cut the fondant to match the stencil and placed them on the green fondant. The result was the cake you see at the top of the page.