DIY fly spray

on January 1, 2019

This is a short post on how I discovered a great way to control flies in my house.

I am not a fan of fly’s, they are probably the insect I dislike the most. This poses a problem, since I do not like using fly spray, my only option seemed to be using a fly swat. Using a fly swat also poses a problem since having something covered in insect carcases doesn’t fit in with my other decor.

Summer in Australia means flies, having a completely clean kitchen doesn’t stop them from trying to get a free meal. They come into the house like an overly optimistic dog at dinner time, hanging around in the hopes you turn your back for 5 seconds.

I enjoy making my own cleaning products so that I know what is in them. I had made an alcohol/water mixture to clean the glass and mirrors in my house. One summer day (a few years ago) the flies were out of control and for a moment I decided I was going to try to squirt them out of the air. A complete fluke occurred and I hit a fly mid air with my water/alcohol mix. I felt like the karate kid in his chopstick moment… To gain an advantage, I turned my spray bottle towards mist, which increased my hit rate substantially, I was now a wild west gun slinger… I was having such fun, I didn’t notice the dwindling supply of flies until there was none left to shoot. This is when I noticed several dead flies on my kitchen floor and my eureka moment occurred - alcohol is like kryptonite to flies. A single spray and they are dead within seconds.

No more fly spray and no more fly swats, just a spray bottle with 75% alcohol and 25% water.