on October 23, 2018

My mother did the Landmark Forum in September 2017. On the Tuesday night of her forum, she invited me to come along and see if there was something there for me. I came and listened to the presentations from the Forum Leader, I heard people share about what they had gotten from the forum, I listened to what my mother got from the forum but what they were saying defied my experience of people and behaviors, it didn’t seem possible to get what they got in 3 days (and a night).

My mother really wanted me to sign up and ask me to do so on the Tuesday night of her forum. I figured for $835 I couldn’t really go wrong, I had spent much more on personal development and education than that, I signed up.

I did the next Landmark Forum in November 2017. I sat in a large conference room in Brisbane Australia from 9 am till 10 pm for 3 days with 170 strangers, listening to David Ure (our Forum Leader) and my fellow attendees, share about their lives. When I describe it that way, it doesn’t sound fun and at least for the first day, it wasn’t. The longer I sat in the forum, a niggling thought in my head kept getting larger and larger until halfway through the second day, I started to see what David Ure had been trying to show us. It wasn’t like an aha moment, it was like the world was slowly changing color. Similar to taking off a set a tinted glasses very slowly. The world wasn’t tinted but the way I saw the world had been tinted by my life experiences. I got to see the world in a new light, sure it was still tinted but David Ure and the Landmark team had shown me how to notice when I was viewing the world through my own interpretation of my past experiences. If you are reading this you are probably thinking to yourself, I already know that. So did I but there is a difference between knowing and discovering for yourself.

Landmark allows you to discover things you thought you knew and many things you never knew. Landmark delivers a life changing experience. They deliver exactly what they said they would in the glossy presentation and the pamphlets.

On the Tuesday night of my Landmark Forum, I signed up for the next available Landmark Advanced Course. On the Sunday night of my Advanced Course, I signed up for the next available Self Expression and Leadership Program.

I find it hard to give someone who hasn’t participated in Landmark’s programs an idea of what the experience is like. I wouldn’t describe Landmark’s programs as educational because they are nothing like any education I have done before. I wouldn’t describe Landmark’s programs as self help because they are nothing like any self help I have done before. Participating in Landmark’s programs is an experience. I have had many fancy experiences in my life, I watched my children be born and take their first breaths, I have flown on private jets, been involved in making consumer drones available to everyone, created organisations from nothing, been to the Louvre Museum and stared in awe at the art. I would put my experience of Landmark in the same category. I left each one of my Landmark Courses and I was in awe at what I had gotten and what the Landmark Organisation had created for humanity. I have watched people change the course of their entire lives after participating at Landmark.

A few months after completing the Self Expression and Leadership Program, I was searching my emails and found that someone had invited me to do the Landmark Forum in 2008. In that moment, I realised how much more effective I would have been in every facet of my life had I done it then.

If someone asks you to do the Landmark Forum, just say yes.