on December 11, 2016

How I came to be a mentor wasn’t planned, I kind of fell into it. I had seen the QLD government advertising it’s initiatives around startups and entrepreneurs in 2016 and thought that I should checkout what the fuss was all about.

I contacted Advance QLD and asked to come in for a meeting to talk about Vuid and my other businesses to see if the businesses, my skills or anything else could contribute to what Advance QLD wanted to achieve or if they were able to contribute to my businesses success. During the meeting I was asked why I had not come to see them earlier. I think they were shocked to find out I had been running tech startups in Brisbane since 2002 and had never contacted them. They asked me to become a mentor and I jumped at the chance, I had never thought that my experience may help others, I had always been too busy working.

After the meeting, it became aparent that I had not been participating in the startup/tech community to the level I should have been and set about rectifying that.

I contacted River City Labs and started mentoring other CEO’s and founders on their businesses.

I got in touch with the QLD Minister’s office responsible for the Advance QLD initiative (Minister Enoch at the time) and asked how I might be able to contribute to what she wanted to achieve. I was asked to be on a Regulator Reform Think Tank in October 20017 for small business legislation.

I started attending small business events run by the QLD Government.

I started mentoring startup founders who I came across during my travels.

I mentored with iLab.

I really enjoy contributing to the startup community.