Reddog Infrastructure

on July 11, 2015

When Jason Rudolph and I started Reddog Technology, we would never have envisaged that we would need to create an asset financing company to support it and our other businesses. Around 2008, we created Reddog Infrastructure to buy and manage the short term assets of our businesses with the goal of offering this service to outside companies once it was as automated as possible. With 200% growth per annum, our companies would be a great test bed.

In our experience the best way to automate significant portions of a business is to use robotics and smart software. We considered many off the shelf asset management products but many of them only went part of the way to automating an entire asset management business. In light of this, we decided to develop our own software. 3 months later the software was ready and it was a resounding success for Reddog Infrastructure. We had been successful in completely automating the financing and management of hundreds of thousands of assets. The only labor we that we did not automate was end of year accounting services.

Reddog Infrastructure continued to run completely automated and profitable for many years but became a victim of Jason and my success (read: having no time). Our other companies had become so large and time consuming that we were unable to focus on growing Reddog Infrastructure to provide services to outside companies. To save what little time Reddog Infrastructure took from our lives, we decided to absorb it into one of our other companies in 2015.

It was a great opportunity to create an asset management company and develop software that automate a large part of it. Asset Management is a challenging space with many facets that you simply never consider until you work in one yourself. We still continue to work on our asset management algorithms and software so that when the opportunity comes again, we can hit the ground running.