on July 11, 2015

My family have been involved in retail businesses for more than 30 years. I worked in my families business when I was younger but felt the pull of the city and ultimately left the area.

Ten years ago, with my parents getting older, my brothers and I decided to work with my parents to bring the next generation into the business. We had all worked in the family business over the years but with our parents getting older, the business had gotten too big for them to run and manage on their own. Now that they were getting older, they wanted to have more time to do things with their grandchildren and to travel. Because of my experience running a number of different companies, I took over restructing the business and the management decisions, my job being to reorganise the business so that as a team, we could take it to the next level.

My parents were very surprised when I made the decision to put my brother Matthew Aherne (18 years old at the time) in charge of the business. My parents were relegated to very defined roles within the business and my brother Damian moved out of the family business to do new things.

Because Matthew was inexperienced at what it takes to create a business, we took the opportunity to build another business we had always wanted to build and at the same time use that as a learning experience for Matthew. We created Magoos Fasteners, which supplies bolts, nuts and other fasteners to consumers and business.

Magoos Fasteners was initially run by Matthew Aherne, while he also managed Byron Bay Building Materials (BBBM) with my parents assistance. After a few years, Damian had done what he felt he needed to do and he came back to run Magoos Fasteners, while Matthew Aherne ran BBBM full time, leaving my parents to spend more of their time doing what they enjoy.

The people I was privileged to work with to build BBBM into the successful business it is today and Magoos Fasteners are:

  1. Matthew Aherne
  2. Damian Aherne
  3. Mike Aherne and
  4. Gayle Aherne
  5. Jason Hyde