on October 21, 2016

Rulerr came about from my experience in Reddog Technology and Vuid. While running Reddog Technology we realised there was a big gap in how access privileges were managed. Executives, Managers and Staff are the people who know “who should have access to what” but they were excluded from actively managing access privileges because of the highly technical nature of the software that manages them. While running Reddog Technology we researched creating software to allow Executives, Managers and Staff to be able to quickly and easily manage access privileges for anyone in their organisation but creating software that integrating with several hundred separate systems we offered as part of our product line, wasn’t cost effective for our customers.

When we built Vuid, we didn’t want organisations who were using it to need an IT person to manage some of the more technical parts, including access privileges. This meant that we needed to create an access privilege system that spoke the language of the business, not the language of IT. It took us several months to get it right and when my mother told me she was confident using it, we knew we had succeeded (thanks Mum!).

We took what we had learned from Vuid and Reddog Technology and created Rulerr, you can read more about Rulerr here. We have built numerous pieces of software over the years so we had plenty of practice working as a team to create web based software. We built the entire Rulerr software and infrastructure stack in 90 days. Rulerr was built on NodeJs, PostgreSQL and Docker.

After we had the MVP up and running we applied to be part of the Queensland Government’s TWiG Program and we were accepted. For 12 weeks, we worked alongside some really smart people at the QLD government to add enterprise and government functionality to Rulerr. The TWiG program culminated in us presenting the Rulerr software at the Brisbane Library to over 200 people in enterprise and government.

During our time working with the QLD government, we upgraded the infrastructure for Rulerr to run on Microsoft Azure. We really enjoyed the enterprise features of Azure. We usually structure our server infrastructure with a shotgun approach to aim towards a minimum of 99.99% uptime -> we replicate over multiple countries, data centers and providers. With Microsoft Azure this sort of approach isn’t required, though it is much more expensive. For environments that require the security features, uptime and integration of Azure, there isn’t anything that compares.

We continue to develop Rulerr by working with our customers to create solutions and add features to Rulerr that will help them make their organisations more secure.

The people I was privileged to work with to build Ruller are:

  1. Allen Chang
  2. Allanah Kierney
  3. Mykhailo Lievchuk and
  4. Laurie Odgers
  5. Tristan Matthias
  6. Jason Rudolph