on July 11, 2015

While we were building Vuid we quickly realised that current hosting solutions were not able to support it’s complexity. We needed something really flexible, which could support hot updates with no downtime, be secure and completely automated and be able to support multiple developers pushing updates for the numerous Vuid Apps.

We first looked at Docker but it was not prodcution ready at the time so we looked for other options. We had been using FreeBSD to run the PostgreSQL databases for Vuid because of its ZFS file system, so we naturally looked to FreeBSD when looking for a solution. FreeBSD Jails had been used for years for hosting small web apps and websites and with a bit of development, we realised that we could use them to create a solution for Vuid.

We were invited to present Vuid at Websummit 2015 in Dublin. While we were presenting, developers kept asking us about the infrastructure that supported Vuid and were very interested to hear about what we had developed. When we got back, we decided that we should release the software for other developers and Tredly was born.

We continued to develop Tredly for a number of years afterwards to support Vuid. During this time, we created:

  1. Tredly Command Center
  2. Tredly API and
  3. Tredly CLI

Tredly still exists as an open source project and is available on Github

The people I was privileged to work with to build Tredly are:

  1. Laurie Odgers
  2. Allen Chang
  3. Allanah Kierney
  4. Mykhailo Lievchuk and
  5. Tristan Matthias
  6. Jason Rudolph