Nathan Aherne

My Resume

I have not worked for someone else for about 15 years, so I do not have a traditional resume. This page will serve as my resume, which I will update as my work experience progresses.

I lived on campus at Cromwell College at UQ while doing a degree at QUT in Business, majoring in banking and finance. I had always been interested in business, so a business degree was the logical choice.

After my degree I did the usual thing Aussies do and lived in London for 13 months but ultimately decided that the cold weather wasn't for me. I came back to Australia and took up roles at Ergon Energy and Workcover QLD as a business analyst. My job at Workcover QLD was the last time I worked for someone else.

I had always wanted to get a really good education in business but to do that, you have to run one, so I set about doing exactly that. I have been involved with a number of companies since then (15 years or so). Most of these are companies I created, a couple have been ones I have been asked to run, modernise or help through a growth period. The industries/businesses I have worked in (in chronological order) are:

  1. Events management
  2. Importing and distribution
  3. Building materials retailing x 2
  4. Online retailing
  5. Chemical importing and distribution
  6. Short term asset financing
  7. Long term asset investment
  8. Forestry (tree farming)
  9. Research and development in tech
  10. IT departments as a service
  11. Enterprise IT infrastructure design and implementation
  12. Enterprise software development x 3 (Vuid, Tredly and Rulerr

In 2009, I was featured in Smart Company's Hot 30 under 30 for creating a number of successful businesses.

Looking at this list, it seems like I might have gone a little overboard, (especially since I am only 38 years old). I can assure you there was a method to my madness, I created this many companies on purpose - I wanted an extensive education in how businesses of all shapes and sizes operate.

My business experience has given me a huge amount of exposure to many facets of business, here are just a few of them:

  1. scaling businesses to multiple countries.
  2. complex accounting
  3. complex law in multiple countries
  4. company structure
  5. intellectual property

I have been very lucky to have done business with and advised many very wealthy and successful business people. I have also advised publicly listed companies on tech and business process strategies.

I have sadly (because lawsuits are painfully time consuming) been involved in very long and complex legal cases against and with people and companies of very high net worth.

Through my work, I have been lucky to be involved with people from all over the world. I have business contacts in Europe, America and the Middle East.

I have been involved (as a hobby) with drone technology since 2001 (well before there was any real consumer drone technology) - I am lucky to own one of the worlds first autopilots available outside military circles - my drone experience.

I would consider my work as a hobby - I do what I am passionate about and it very rarely feels like work. My real hobbies are almost always in the tech space, I do all sorts of things with electronics, remote controlled and autonomous vehicles, coding micro controllers, building ridiculous robotic tank contraptions (200Kg), industrial sized remote controlled lawnmowers plus and other techie things.'